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  • Factory

    Real factory production, quality assurance

  • 5 Layers

    KN95 face mask adopts five-layer design

  • FDA / CE

    Global supply, FDA / CE certification

  • 800,000

    Daily output 800,000 KN95 face masks

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    Fast delivery and after-sales service

  • Health

    Health protection and breathable

Welcome to Madefacemask! We are a factory that manufactures KN95 face mask, disposable protective mask, FFP3 N95 medical mask and related household health protection series products, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

There are 3 fully automatic and 12 semi-automatic mask machines. The daily output is 800,000 KN95 Face Masks, 1000,000 disposable protective masks. All masks have passed ISG certification, EU CE certification and US FDA certification. And easy to export to any European and American countries.

We provide a large number of FFP2 KN95 face masks for customers in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan with specific needs. If you want to order a mask of a certain style for your company, we will provide the design for free. If you ordered from government departments, military departments, public health services, and state-owned enterprises, we will provide you with priority services.

n95 face mask factory kn95 face mask factory kn95 face mask factory manufacture
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