1. All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to our bank account .
2. Our payment terms are only support T/T payment.
3. Dont supported L/C payment
4. Client’s order will be processed immediately open receipt of 50% of the order value upon issuance of client’s Purchase Order.
5. There will be no shipment booking confirmation for your order/consignment until agreed payment deposit is received in our account.
6. The balance 50% must be paid before client’s consignment is loaded for shipping. Client’s consignment will be shipped after the payment confirmation by our bank.
7. Clients are expected to email us with the scan proof of the payment by your bank, so we can release your order immediately to be shipped.
8. Clients are responsible for all bank transfer processing fees.
9. If you have any questions, please send an email to support@madefacemasks.com

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